Senior Center Of West Seattle - Senior Center in Seattle

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Senior Center of West Seattle
4217 SW Oregon St
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 932-4044
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The Senior Center of West Seattle is a multi-purpose facility in which older people may come together to fulfill many of their social, physical, and intellectual needs. It can help expand their interests, tap their potential, and develop their talents. The Center is also a bridge - a broad, two-way bridge - linking the loose-knit senior community to the community at large
Membership Information
Membership is open to anyone 50 years of age and older for $25 per year. Members receive the bimonthly Seniors' West Side Press, a free birthday and holiday lunch, and reduced activity fees
Hot Lunches; Free Computer Lab; Walking For Fun & Fitness; Support Groups: Low vision, Transitions - Resource / Educational, Embracing Life as we grow older; Information / Referrals; In-home assessments; Linking elders with needed services; Volunteer Friendly Visitor Program; Meals-On-Wheels; Dental Care; Foot Care; Tax Preparation; Fitness; Dance; Computer; Arts and Crafts; South Seattle Community College Classes; AARP Defensive Driving; Bingo; Rainbow Bingo; Veteran's Lunches; Evening Dinners; Spa Day; Girl's Night Out
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Operation Time
Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm