About Senior Center

Older adults often find it difficult to get access to the information and services that they need in order to maintain their health and independence. Senior Centers can provide direction and assistance to those searching for answers. In one place, seniors can find educational classes and references for nutritional programs, employment and volunteer opportunities, assistance with transportation services, as well as health, fitness and wellness programs. Senior centers often provide opportunities for social engagement and recreational activities that can improve the mental and emotional states of seniors that are often alone and in need of other adult company. Exercise classes, clubs, day trips and other forms of social gatherings provide outlets for adults to share experiences and make friends.

Senior Centers can be thought of as a "one stop shop", where older adults can continue to find ways to improve their lives. Often, those that seek out the assistance of a senior center will find that the interaction and education available at these centers can help to manage, and often avoid, chronic illnesses such as diabetes or chronic lung disease. Many seniors find that the ability to interact with other older adults in a social setting results in an improvement of their mental as well as spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Others have found that utilizing the offerings of a senior center can also improve their financial wellbeing! While Senior Centers already provide a wide range of services, with the aging of the Baby Boomers, centers continue to evolve in order to meet the needs of this more energetic generation.

SeniorCenter.us is a site that provides a directory of senior centers, as well as additional resources to assist seniors. Utilize this directory as a single access point to identify senior centers and the programs that they offer. The site also provides similar directories for other services such as nursing homes, home health agencies, adult daycare, and many other services that are required to meet the needs of our elder population.