Nursing Homes in Far Rockaway NY

Is your loved one, whether it’s your spouse or parents, no longer able to live safely on their own? Do you want to provide them the best possible care in a safe environment?

A nursing home in Far Rockaway can be the answer to all these questions. Nursing homes not only provide assistance to your loved ones with their daily tasks, they also offer them an environment where they can enjoy the company of others and build a social network. On-site medical care is essential to your senior loved one’s safety and well-being, and only a nursing home can provide them the optimal medical care and support.

If you are looking for a nursing home in Far Rockaway, browse our comprehensive directory of nursing homes in Far Rockaway. Provide your loved ones specialized medical care and social support to promote their health and safety.

Bezalel Rehabilitation And Nursing Center

29 38 Far Rockaway Blvd | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691

Brookhaven Rehab And Health Care Center L L C

250 Beach 17th Street | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691

Far Rockaway Nursing Home

13 11 Virgina St | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691

Haven Manor Health Care Center L L C

1441 Gateway Boulevard | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691

Hendon Garden Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

17 11 Brookhaven Avenue | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691

New Surfside Nursing Home

22-41 New Haven Avenue | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691

Oceanview Nursing And Rehabilitation Center L L C

315 Beach 9th Street | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691

Peninsula Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

50 15 Beach Channel Drive | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691

Queens Nassau Rehabilitation And Nursing Center

520 Beach 19th Street | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691

Rockaway Care Center L L C

353 Beach 48th Street | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691

West Lawrence Care Center L L C

1410 Seagirt Blvd | FAR ROCKAWAY NY 11691


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